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After my own divorce in 2008, I felt a calling to utilize my life experience and communications skills in a new way.  

In speaking to others about divorce and watching the effects on children and individuals, I realized that I could help others prioritize their own relationships and strengthen their communication skills to achieve a greater level of happiness.  My mission is simple:  Facilitate communication within families to prioritize happiness and resolve differences before they occur or become insurmountable.


I am not a therapist or an attorney so I bring a unique perspective to this process.  As a trained mediator and communications specialist, I apply these skills to help individuals listen to and hear one another identifying the interests (why they want something) behind each person’s position (what they want).  Once we identify the topics that need to be discussed, I work with my clients to generate options that lead to an implementable plan for lasting solutions.  Every single person faces challenges that need to be addressed from how to parent children or blend families to balancing life, domestic responsibilities and even keeping the romance alive.  Emotions or time restraints can make it hard to communicate effectively.  I create a safe place for couples and/or families to set a time to problem solve together and be proactive and accountable for their happiness.  Everything that is shared in our meetings is completely confidential and protected under contract.  (I will explain this in detail during our initial consult.)




I graduated with my bachelor's degree from Syracuse University in 1994 after studying communications and psychology.  After working at various full-service advertising agencies, I started my own public relations (PR) practice in 2001.  After more than a decade of success, I felt a life calling to promote happiness by facilitating communication among people to promote resolution before conflict.


I completed Basic Mediation training at the Center for Mediation & Collaboration RI (CMCRI); Family & Divorce Mediation training at Roger Williams School of Law and Advance Family & Divorce Mediation training at Mediation Works Incorporated (MWI) in Boston, MA.  I continue to enhance my professional skills through the Rhode Island Mediator’s Association (RIMA).


As a lead mediator at the Center for Mediation and Collaboration Rhode Island (CMCRI), I can often be found co-mediating cases in the RI Courts.  I also teach mediation as a professional development, college and graduate course through CMCRI.  While I am qualified to mediate divorce, I prefer to work with couples that are vested in ongoing happiness.  I will work with separated or divorcing couples on co-parenting plans because I wholeheartedly believe that children should be spared from the litigious process and parents must learn to communicate to effectively co-parent children.   I do not judge you or your situation and I understand the divorce rollercoaster.  I will help you separate your emotions from your children’s best interests.


I have two decades of professional communications experience; and I have mediated nearly 100 cases covering everything from small claims to family.  I have even co-mediated and developed a co-parenting plan for a dog after a couple's break up.  Simply put, I facilitate the mediation and communication process; my clients control the outcome.


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